Your wellness companion

every step of the way

Mintea is a platform dedicated to improving mental well-being and quality of life for those on their path to healing

Mintea provides secure stigma free support and a continuum of care from education, tools and exercises to subject specific communities and licensed therapists. A personalized approach to precision psychology.

Mintea understands that mental health care is a key component of overall physical health and is dedicated to equalizing access to mental health support with age specific features for teens and adults.

Nurturing Minds for Better Lives

Barriers to Mental Healthcare

What prevents people from seeking Mental Health Care?

  • Stigma and cultural factors
  • Shame or embarrassment
  • Not knowing where to turn
  • Limited awareness around mental health
  • Difficulty finding a therapist
  • Lack of trust
  • Affordability

The Mintea Difference

Offering a personalized and multifaceted approach to improving mental health and well-being in a safe, culturally competent, and supportive environment.

Arab Health 2023

Proud Exhibitor Mintea was proud to be an exhibitor at Arab Health’s 48th Healthcare Congress this year where Mintea was selected for and participated in Innov8’s annual start-up...

SAP BWN Emotional Intelligence Event

Mintea is proud to have collaborated with SAP BWN (SAP Business Women’s Network) for an Emotional Intelligence event during mental health awareness month.
Living in a society where work carries great significance, providing personal fulfillment and satisfaction, we acknowledge the challenges posed by stress and anxiety in the workplace. Therefore, recognizing the importance of Emotional Intelligence is crucial for both individual and corporate success.